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Fire Protection
Associate of Applied Science.

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Associate of Applied Science in Fire Protection Online

An online associate degree in Fire Protection Technology will prepare students for a variety of positions in the fire protection technology sector. Students, upon graduation, can gain employment in the municipal and industrial fire protection field, as well as the support and marketing of fire suppression and detection systems. Graduates may also be able to find employment in safety departments that specialize in fire prevention and suppression. An online associate degree in Fire Protection Technology will allow students to specialize in a certain area of fire protection and also prepare them for advancement to a bachelor's degree.

What do Firemen do?

Every year, fires and other emergencies take thousands of lives and destroy property worth billions of dollars. Fire fighters help protect the public against these dangers by responding to fires and a variety of other emergencies. Although they put out fires, fire fighters more frequently respond to other emergencies. They are often the first emergency personnel at the scene of a traffic accident or medical emergency and may be called upon to treat injuries or perform other vital functions.

What is the job outlook?

Although employment is expected to grow faster than the average for all jobs, candidates for these positions are expected to face keen competition because these positions are highly attractive and sought after. Employment change. Employment of fire fighters is expected to grow by 19 percent over the 2008–18 decade, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

What kind of salary can I expect?

In May 2008, the average hourly wages of firefighters were $21.97. Firefighting supervisors and managers earned an average wage of $34.07 an hour, while fire inspectors earned an average wage of $26.37 an hour. (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

How long does it take?

Students completing the two-year, 60-hour curriculum will receive an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Fire Protection. Students who have completed a certified, commissioned academy can receive 23 hours credit towards their degree and take the remaining 37 hours online. Student must complete 15 academic hours at or through Kilgore College prior to be eligible to submit documentation for the 23 credit hours. There is a posting fee for the transfer of credit.

What do graduates of the program do?

Graduates could work at local fire stations, airports, factories, forests, rural and metropolitan areas. Special fire fighters, called smoke jumpers, fight forest fires by parachuting from airplanes to remote areas.

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