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Financial Aid
Apply for Financial Aid


You Might Qualify for Financial Aid!

Kilgore College is committed to helping you make your education as affordable as possible.
Students may qualify for state or federal grants and federal loans as well as private loans. The following steps will determine your eligibility for any of these programs.


The deadline to apply for financial aid is July 1. Students submitting late documents will have their files processed in the order of date received and will most likely not be awarded by the early registration payment deadline. If not awarded by late registration, students will be expected to pay for their classes until their financial aid can be processed and awarded.

Without the following documents, the Financial Aid Office will be unable to process your financial aid award package.  You will need to contact the Kilgore College Registrar’s Office to determine if you have current documents on file:

  1. A current Admission Application.
  2. An official High School credential: High School Transcript, Home School Transcript, or GED.

It all starts with a FAFSA...

1. Get a PIN (Personal Identification Number) at A PIN is your electronic signature for the Dept. of Education and is required to complete your online FAFSA. Your parents are required to have their own PIN if you are a dependent.
2. Complete the FAFSA. Fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at Financial aid cannot be awarded without a completed FAFSA on file. Kilgore College must be listed as your first school of choice. Our code is 003580.
3.Complete a KC Application for Admission: If you are a new student, you need to complete an application for admission to Kilgore College on our website. This must be done before an account can be set up for you in Campus Connect.
4. Request your transcripts or GED records to be sent to the KC Registrar's office.
5. Optional: Apply for KC scholarships - Scholarship applications are available from the KC financial aid office or from high school counselors. Click here to go to the scholarship information page.
6. Log into your Campus Connect account: Click on the Campus Connect button on and log in using your student ID and your birth month and birth day as your 4-digit pin (MMDD). Go to the Student Information tab and scroll down to Review Financial Aid. Pick the appropriate year and click the "View Aid" button. Listed are the documents that have been received or are still needed.  Click on the Forms link at the top of the page and print, complete and return the required forms to the KC Financial Aid Office.
7. Complete a Financial Aid Literacy Session: Sessions will be offered on Campus Connect. NOTE: This must be completed before any Federal or State aid can be credited to your account.   
8. Check Campus Connect periodically for your Electronic Award Letter: Log into Campus Connect and under the Student Information tab, scroll down to Accept/Decline Aid. If you have been awarded financial aid, review it carefully and accept, decline or reduce the funds that have been awarded to you. Your accepted grant/scholarship funds will now be available to pay your school charges.   NOTE: You will need to complete the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Loan Counseling on before the loans will be awarded or available to your school charges.
9. Register for classes: Register for your classes. Get a paid receipt from the Cashier’s Office. Use your paid receipt to have your Ranger Card made. The Ranger Card serves as a KC ID/debit card and will have all credit balances placed on it at the appropriate time in the semester.
10. Buy your books: You may charge books against your grant, scholarship or loan funds if you are due a credit balance up through the twelfth class day of the regular Fall or Spring semester. Charging books for classes with different starting and ending dates (Flex Classes) will vary by class and funds may not be available for this use depending on your schedule.  
11. Attend your classes: You must attend your classes to be eligible for aid. All instructors have to report to the financial aid office any students who did not attend. Aid for those students will be cancelled and students will owe Kilgore College for charges incurred.
12. Monitor your credit balances: You may be eligible for unused funds if your financial aid exceeds the cost of your college tuition, fees, books and room/board. Credit balances will be placed on your Kilgore College Ranger Card around 35 - 45 days after the start of the Fall or Spring semester. Shorter semesters and Flex classes have different dates.
  Note: Financial Aid is designed to assist you to get a college education. You may be responsible to repay some or all of the grant funds that have been received on your behalf if you withdraw before the end of the semester.

How much can I receive?

You may receive up to $5,645 in Pell Grant funds during the 2013-14 year, if you qualify for the full amount. The Direct Loan subsidized loan limit for dependent students is $3500 as a first year student and $4500 as a second year student. The Direct Loan subsidized loan limits for first year independent students is $3500 and $4500. Unsubsidized limits for dependent students are $2000 and $6000 for independent students.
(903) 983-8211

Need help completing the FAFSA?

Call the East TX Educational Opportunity Center located in Longview. The service is free but appointments are required. They have trained advisors to assist you.

East Texas Educational Opportunity Center
(903) 757-9660

Disbursements occur when Kilgore College receives and applies your Pell and/or Loans to your charges. Refunds occur 14 days after aid has been applied to your account.

Federal Loans will not be disbursed until 30 days after first class day for first-time borrowers...

If you have applied for a Direct Federal Loan(s) and it is the first time that you have ever received a student loan, your loan(s) will not disburse to cover your charges until 30 days after the first class day. You will then receive any credit balance refund (on the loans only) 14 days after that. Also note that if you are receiving student loan(s) for the 1st time and for only one semester (ex: Fall only or Spring only) you will receive the loan credit balance in 2 payments. The 1st disbursement after all charges apply will be in 14 days as described previously if you have remaining funds after charges are applied; the 2nd disbursement of remaining funds will be approximately thirty days later. 

EXAMPLE of Refund dates for 1st time loan borrowers or 1st time loan borrowers requesting one semester only loans:

  1. First Refund Date: Regular refund date for all students according to published refund dates -  you will receive any credit balance refund of Pell, grants, scholarships, if you have a remaining credit balance after all charges are paid, but not the loan credit balance.
  2. Second Refund Date: First time loan borrowers refund date is approximately two weeks later than the regular published refund dates - any remaining credit balance from your student loans for students awarded for Fall and Spring.
  3. Third Refund Date: First time loan borrowers who only request loans for one semester will have refund dates for the 1st student loan disbursement approximately two weeks after the regular published refund dates and then the 2nd disbursement of student loan funds mid-semester.*

*The same rule applies to any regular student that has had loans previously, but now requests loan(s) for only one semester. The student will receive the first half of loan on the regular published refund dates and the 2nd half mid-semester.


College Financial Aid Office
1100 Broadway
Kilgore, TX. 75662
Phone: (903)-983-8211
FAX: (903)-988-7528
Location: Devall Student Center – 2nd Floor

Grants -
(903) 983-8211
Scholarships - (903) 983-8210

Office Hours:
7:45 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon - Thurs.
7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. Friday


Kilgore Campus: 1100 Broadway, (903) 984-8531 KC–Longview Campus: 300 S. High, (903) 753-2642
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