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Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Literacy Counseling sessions required for all students who apply for federal grants/loans or state aid:

The Kilgore College Financial Aid Department offer free "Financial Aid Literacy Counseling" sessions online.

All students who plan on receiving federal grants, loans or state aid to pay for classes at KC are required to
complete these sessions online.

To complete Financial Aid Literacy online, follow these instructions carefully so you will receive credit for it.

      • Log on to Campus Connect
      • Click on "Student Information"
      • Scroll down to "Financial Aid Literacy"

A Loan Request Form must be completed for students requesting Federal Student Loans through their Campus Connect account.


Attention Financial Aid Students: Recently, some students have received correspondence from an organization representing themselves as a financial aid serving company. If you ever receive anything by e-mail or see anything online that charges a fee for the FAFSA, don't believe it.  The FAFSA is a free online tool for financial aid.  You should never pay anything to fill this information out. Only visit for FAFSA information.  All other sites online that charge money are to be avoided."

To cancel Financial Aid, you must complete a "Student Request to Cancel Financial Aid" form here.


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