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Financial Aid
Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How much does KC cost?
    Kilgore College is an exceptional bargain. For a cost comparison click here. For a tuition calculator click here.

  2. What is our school code?

  3. What is the financial aid deadline?
    For Fall: July 1
    For Spring: November 15
    Note: Scholarship deadlines are much earlier, please see scholarship page.

  4. Can I apply for Financial Aid after the semester has started?
    Yes. If your Pell Grant has not been processed by the time the semester begins, you must be prepared to pay for the semester or take advantage of the installment plan. You will then be paid the amount you are eligible for as soon as your Pell Award has been processed, and approximately by the sixth week of classes.

  5. Can I qualify for Financial Aid regardless of the number of hours I am enrolled?
    You may qualify for federal funds with as few as 6 hours and as many as 12 hours or more.

  6. Can I receive federal grant money in addition to scholarships?
    Yes, if you have unmet financial need.

  7. Will I receive more Financial Aid if I take more credit hours?
    The amount of Financial Aid received is based on the number of hours of enrollment. The format is as follows:

    12 hours + Full time
    9 11 hours 3/4 time
    6-8 hours 1/2 time
    less than 6 hours, less than half time

  8. What if I drop a class? Will it affect my Pell Grant?
    You must maintain at least 75% of the hours in which you were originally enrolled by the 12th class day. For instance, if you are carrying 12 hours, you may drop one class. If you are taking 9 hours, you may drop down to 6 hours, etc.

  9. If I completely withdraw from school, will I be eligible to qualify for a grant for the following semester?
    If you withdraw from school, you may be required to repay a portion of your grant to the Dept. of Education and Kilgore College. To determine the consequences of your withdrawal, consult with the Financial Aid Office before you drop out.

  10. Does my GPA affect my Financial Aid?
    Yes! You must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or better to be eligible for any financial aid, including federal loans and Pell Grants, for the next semester. If your cumulative GPA is below 2.0, or you drop more than 25% of your classes, you will be placed on either Financial Aid Probation or Suspension and possibly denied future funds. Please see the Kilgore College Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for futher details.SAP Policy

  11. How do I get my financial aid reinstated if I am placed on suspension?
    To reinstate your financial aid, you will have to pay for at least 12 credit hours and ean a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. You must also notify the Financial Aid Office that you have reestablished eligibility. Please see the Kilgore College Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy page for further details. SAP Policy

  12. Should I include my unborn child as a dependent on my Financial Aid Application?

  13. Do you offer Student Loans?
    Yes! We participate in the Federal Guaranteed student loan program.

  14. How can I qualify as an independent student?
    Please follow this link to determine if the U.S. government considers you to be independent.

  15. If I do not apply for federal funds, can I still be considered for the work-study program?
    No. You must fill out the Financial Aid application to "establish need" to qualify for the work-study program.

  16. Do I have to reapply for a Pell Grant for the next school year?
    Yes. Your Pell Grant Award is based on the income of the previous year. You must reapply every year.

  17. Do I have to reapply for another scholarship if I was awarded a scholarship in the previous year?
    Yes. You do have to fill a new application but you do not need to have letters of recommendation again.

  18. What Grade Point Average do I have to maintain if I receive a Texas Grant?
    The first year of the award you must maintain an overall 2.0 GPA and complete 75% of your classes as shown on the 12th class day. In the subsequent years, you must maintain an overall 2.5 GPA and still complete 75% of your enrollment.

ALSO, as of Spring 2011 all financial aid students will be required to complete a LOAN REQUEST FORM for any of the following:

  • Any student requesting a Federal Student Loan  (which MUST be repaid)– if you have already been awarded and accepted your Financial Aid for FALL and Spring this WILL NOT be necessary.
  • Loan Changes
  • Loan Cancellations
  • Loan Reinstatements

Students will only be allowed to make one change to their Loans during a semester, so they will need to be certain of the amount they request and decline.


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