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English for Speakers of Other Languages

Overview of Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program is designed to help students advance in their English language studies as quickly as possible. The goal of the program is to enable non-native English speakers to be successful in college-level academic studies. The program uses the FOCAL SKILLS APPROACH, which research has proven to be highly effective in accelerating language acquisition.

Unique Aspects of the Focal Skills Approach

  1. Students are exposed to the English language in a natural, communicative way. The classroom materials utilize “real world” language instead of “textbook” language. Videos, newspapers, magazines, and personal reading materials provide students with realistic examples of the English language as it is used everyday. These “real world” materials also help students learn about American culture.

  2. This approach takes one language skill area at a time and focuses on that skill area until the student has reached a competent level. When students enter the program, they are tested in Listening Comprehension, Reading, and Writing. Depending on the scores they receive, they are placed in one of the courses that focuses on one of the skill areas. The first skill area is Listening Comprehension because students need to be able to understand and speak competently before entering the Reading skill area where they will discuss reading material in class. The second skill area is Reading; in this area, students draw on “real world” materials to build vocabulary. The third skill area, Writing, utilizes the vocabulary learned in Reading for the writing of essays. In this progressive way, students acquire the English language as it is used in daily life in the United States.

  3. Students are tested every eight weeks so that they can move as quickly as they can through the skill areas. Depending on the scores each eight weeks, students may move into a new skill area or may remain in a skill area for several eight-week sessions until the skill area is mastered. Students may enter this program at the beginning of any eight-week session during the year.

Core Courses
(10 hours/week)
Supplemental Courses
(10 hours/week)


Reading Vocabulary
Intermediate Writing Grammar
Advanced Writing  
THEA Preparation  

Core courses are generally taught in the afternoons, and supplemental courses are usually taught in the mornings.

» Contact Information

Chris Gore
Director, International Students
Phone: (903) 988-7446

Angelica Mace
Instructor, English as a Second Language (ESOL)
Phone: (903) 988-7588


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