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Engineering is the profession in which a knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences, gained by study, experience, and practice, is applied with judgment to develop ways to utilize, economically, the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind.

Kilgore College offers university transfer programs for those interested in the following engineering majors:

1. Aerospace
3. Civil
4. Electrical
5. Mechanical
6. Petroleum

What do graduates of the program do?

Engineers turn ideas into reality; they question, explore, invent, discover, and create. The engineering process is a step-by-step method for producing a device, structure, or a system that satisfies a need.

Electrical engineers are concerned with electrical devices and systems and with the production and use of electrical energy.

Mechanical engineers are concerned with mechanical and thermal devices and systems and with the conversion of thermal energy to mechanical energy.

What is the job outlook for graduates?

The rewards for completing an engineering degree program include job satisfaction, a variety of career opportunities, challenging work, intellectual development, opportunities to benefit society, financial security, prestige, a professional work environment, an understanding of how things work, and avenues for expression of creativity.

hat kind of salary can graduates expect?

Salaries vary depending on which field of engineering you go into and also by the amount of experience.

How long does it take to complete the program?

We offer a comprehensive two-year pre-engineering experience with: low cost community college tuition, complete pre-engineering math, physics and chemistry sequence, small class size and individual attention from the instructors. Students can obtain from fifty to seventy-five hours of transferable credit depending on the area of study.

Who can become an engineer?

Success in an engineering educational program requires determination, effort, and a well thought out and well executed approach to the educational process. To be successful students must get their lives together so as not to be overburdened with distraction, must develop a high level of commitment and motivation to make the necessary choices and personal sacrifices, must value a technical education and know why they want to be an engineer, and must learn how the educational system works and learn how to be an effective student. Engineering does not require an extraordinary intellectual capacity for mathematics and science.

Request specific information by writing or emailing the Engineering Instructor below.

» Contact Information

Dr. Alan Morris
Engineering Instructor
Phone: (903) 983-8644
(903) 988-7548

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