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Criminal Justice
Associate Degree. Transfer

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Criminal Justice

The criminal justice degree program is designed to provide a broad-based liberal arts education incorporating the "Core Curriculum" along with the core criminal justice courses. In addition to criminal justice courses, this program provides students with a basis in science, English, math, history, government and technology.

Kilgore College offers general education requirements and criminal justice courses necessary to apply to a university offering bachelor programs in criminal justice and related areas.


What do graduates of the program do?

Students graduating with an Associate of Arts degree in criminal justice have two options: continue their education at a four-year university or enter the criminal justice workforce. Students transferring to a four-year university will find the transition to be very smooth. Those entering the workforce are prepared to enter the field with a broad knowledge of criminal justice.

What is the job outlook for graduates?

The criminal justice field usually has job openings year-round. Positions with federal, state and local agencies afford graduates myriad opportunities for employment. Specific employment requirements depend on the agency and position sought. Most federal law enforcement positions require a four-year degree. Positions at the state and local level will have different employment requirements.

hat kind of salary can graduates?

Salaries vary.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The Associate of Arts degree typically takes two years to complete. This is based on a course load of 16-18 semester credit hours over four long (fall/spring) semesters.

How do I get more information about the program?

Individual appointments are encouraged so that all questions are answered clearly and so that the student and instructor can meet.

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Michael Ferguson
Criminal Justice Instructor
(903) 983-8670




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