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Overview of Chemistry

For students planning to transfer to a university and major in Chemistry, the Health Sciences, Biology, Pre-Med, Pharmacy or Chemical Engineering, we offer an excellent transfer program in chemistry that includes General Chemistry I and II as well as Organic Chemistry I and II. Chemistry for Non-science majors and Chemistry for Health Sciences are also offered. Many Chemistry students also participate in the Texas Watch water testing program, as well as attend local meetings of the East Texas Section of the American Chemical Society.

What do graduates of the program do?

Students completing our classes will have satisfied the Science requirement for their majors, or have successfully completed course prerequisites for more advanced work. Students completing at least one year of general chemistry are often recruited by local businesses for lab technician work in the area.

What is the job outlook?

Currently the job market for both chemists and chemical engineers is very good. Many four-year graduates go on to complete graduate work.

What kind of salary can graduates expect locally and nationally?

There are part time jobs available for students who complete one year of general chemistry. These pay from minimum wage up to $12/hour. Four year chemistry graduates may be hired as chemists starting at 40-50k/year.

How long does the program take?

An A.B.S. degree in chemistry normally takes four years to complete. We recommend you complete your first two years at Kilgore College, taking the Chemistry courses, Physics I and II, Pre Calculus, Calculus and the Core Curriculum. It will take approximately two years to complete the pre-transfer program and the preparation you receive at KC will ensure your continued academic success at the university level. A Bachelor of Science degree normally takes four years to complete.


Kilgore College offers general education requirements, chemistry, math and physics course necessary to apply to a university offering bachelor degree in the chemistry field.

Latest News: 2014 East Texas Regional Science Fair

Website with possible science projects: Click here

National Association Web site: American Chemical Society (ACS)

Click here for Science Course Data Sheets Packet (pdf)

Feel free to contact any of the chemistry instructors. Their contact information is given on the faculty page.

» Contact Information

Ronda Howe
Chemistry Department Chair
Phone: (903) 983-8252
Location: Engineering and Sciences Building (ES)



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