The KC Ranger Cheerleaders, Kilgore College's talented cheerleading team, bring energy, enthusiasm, and non-stop excitement to all KC football and basketball games. The cheer program is part of the athletic department.


Information Request Form

Tryout Information and Forms

Tryout dates are TBA.

Application and Eligibility Requirements for Kilgore College Ranger Cheerleaders:

I. High School Seniors

  • Must be a graduating senior spring semester of application and have an overall “C” average or better
  • Must submit three letters of recommendation from instructors at high school currently attending
  • Must submit current transcript from high school attending

II. College Freshmen

  • Must be a full-time student at a college (enrolled for 12 hours) spring semester of application and have a “C” average or better
  • Must submit three letters of recommendation from instructors at college currently attending
  • Must submit current transcript whether attending Kilgore College or another college

III. Requirements

  • Attire - black cheer shorts, black tank, black sports bra, no-show socks, white shoes, hair in single pony tail, makeup
  • Interview - conducted and judged by the cheer director and
  • coach
  • Running Tumbling - round off back handspring to layout or more (alternate with front walk over or whip to layout)
  • Standing Tumbling - standing back tuck and standing multiple back handsprings to tuck or more
  • Stunting - for flyers/guys partner stunting (Score will count twice ONLY if you DO NOT have required standing/running tumbling.)
    Flyers - toss target/full-up/rewind to any position with double down (Flyers can either bring or use a base who is trying out.)
  • Bases - toss target/full-up/rewind to any position with double down (Bases can either bring or use a flyer who is trying out.)
  • Dance - will include standing tuck
  • Jumps - three consecutive different jumps (toe touch and two optional)
  • Cheer - will include jump and standing tuck
  • Spirit/enthusiasm/Voice Projection
  • Overall Impression

Selection Method:

Tryout Registration Form - Cheerleader
Tryout Registration Form - Mascot
Tryout Registration Form - Manager
Tryout Release Form
Photo Release Form

  • Three letters of recommendation from previous instructors at high school or college currently attending
  • A current transcript from high school or college attending
Standards of Ranger Cheerleaders

KC Ranger Cheerleaders must be willing to:

  • Sign a Director’s Code of Conduct, Discipline Plan, Anti-Hazing Contract, and Scholarship Contract
  • Pass 12 semester hours with a 2.00 GPA each semester
  • Provide proof of insurance or enroll in a student insurance program at Kilgore College
  • Display conduct in accordance with generally accepted standards of good behavior and good taste as prescribed by Kilgore College
  • Attend all cheer practices, tumbling classes, athletic-sponsored events, tutoring and workouts unless excused by Director
  • Fulfill all cheerleader duties in a responsible and professional manner
  • Represent Kilgore College at all times with pride and dignity
  • Note: Failure to abide by these standards may result in dismissal or disciplinary action.
Responsibilities of Ranger Cheerleaders
  • Cheer at all Kilgore College football and basketball games
  • Encourage student participation at athletic events
  • Represent Kilgore College at all times in a well-behaved manner
  • Coordinate, manage, and participate in Kilgore College pep rallies
  • Participate in fundraising activities for Kilgore College cheer programs
  • Participate in recruiting events for Kilgore College cheer programs
Fall 2014 Semester Schedule

See Jennifer Quine for scheduling.
(903) 983-8285

Cheer Class - Required:
KINE 1106 (Freshman)
KINE 2106 (Sophomore)
Location: Gymnastics Room/Carpeted Gym
Monday/Wednesday: Noon to 3 p.m.
Tuesday/Thursday: 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.
Friday (if necessary)

Workout - Required:
Location: Fitness Center
Tuesday/Thursday: 6 to 7 or 7:30 a.m.

Tutoring - Required if average is below 70:
Location: The Zone in the Student Services Building
Tuesday/Thursday: 1:40 to 3 p.m.


KC Ranger Cheerleaders are provided partial scholarships by the college if cheerleader maintains a 2.5 GPA. For further information, contact Melissa Haden, Director of Cheerleading.

The college also provides:

  • Uniforms (does not include practice clothes, shoes, etc.)
  • Housing or regular scholarship (room only, meal plans not included)
  • One credit hour of kinesiology each semester
  • Financial aid and campus employment may be available if requirements are met

Two Honorary Scholarships:

  • Melissa Haden Scholarship
  • Latane Speer Scholarship
Donations and Sponsorships

Kilgore College Ranger Cheerleading wants to thank all of the sponsors for the current year. The cheerleading team hopes to represent not only Kilgore College but also the entire community with class, dignity and integrity.

In our efforts to support the community, the cheerleaders and/or mascot will attempt to participate in scheduled local business events. To schedule an event, please contact the Director of Cheerleading at


Quinlan Stephens
Cheer Coach
(903) 988-7433
Parks Fitness Center
Melissa Haden
Instructor, Computer Science
Director of Cheerleading
(903) 983-8134
Porter Business Admin. Bldg. (BA), 103-B