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About the classes:

Spanish is not a degree program, but Kilgore College offers general education requirements and four semesters of Spanish necessary to transfer to universities offering bachelor programs in Spanish and Spanish education.

The Spanish program is based on a communicative approach with an emphasis on proficiency.

Our goal is to help students learn to communicate in Spanish (converse with others, express their own ideas in writing, and read and understand what others have written). To achieve this, we have adopted a very comprehensive program which includes textbooks, workbooks, videos and audio programs. All of these are interactive using McGraw/Hill’s Connect interactive learning site on the Internet to further your knowledge in Spanish and the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Our faculty members are native speakers, ensuring firsthand knowledge and understanding of cultural topics and the opportunity for real oral practice.

Spanish is also offered in a non-credit format in the Continuing Education Department.

Course information:

For information about Spanish:

Thomas Weidmer-Ocampo
Instructor, Spanish
(903) 988-7578
Student Support (SS), 207