Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate

KC Faculty Senate By-Laws

The KC Faculty Senate was organized in 1993.

Kilgore College Faculty Association By-Laws:


The accomplishment of the goals of any educational institution depends on the successful interaction of the administration, the faculty and the students. It is the faculty which carries out the institution's primary function, the education of students, and it is the proximity to both students and administration which puts the faculty in an advantageous position to assess student and institutional needs. Therefore, it is prudent and necessary that the faculty play a role in planning, policy-making, and decision-making processes of that institution.

In order to best address the needs of the students, the faculty and the administration of the institution, it is essential that faculty members be involved and informed. In order to promote faculty participation in the planning, policy-making and decision-making processes of the institution, a constitution is herein established for a Faculty Association.

Article I-Name:

Kilgore College Faculty Association, (KCFA).

Article II-Purposes:

The purpose of the KCFA is to carry out the functions and purposes as stated in Article II of the Constitution of the Faculty Association (FAC), Kilgore College.

Article III-Membership:

  • Section 1. Regular. Professional Support Staff members are defined to include full time professional librarians, counselors, and the Director of Distance Learning.
  • Section 2. Honorary. Persons who are eligible for honorary membership may be recommended to the Senate during a regular meeting. A majority vote of the Senators present will be required for approval.

Article IV-Finances:

  • Section 1. No dues will be assessed for membership. Voluntary donations by Faculty Association members will be encouraged to assist the Faculty Association in meeting financial needs.
  • Section 2. Funds will be utilized by the Faculty Senate as available.

Article V-Meetings:

The Faculty Association shall meet in accordance with the FAC.

Article VI-Faculty Association Senate:

The Faculty Association Senate, hereafter known as the Faculty Senate or the Senate, shall function in accordance with the Article of the FAC. The Senate is the major avenue of communication between the faculty and the rest of the college. The Senate functions as the “voice” of the Faculty Association.

Article VII-Faculty Association Senators:

Section 1. Election of Senators: Departments/Areas will elect Senators before the end of the spring semester. These elections will be coordinated by the outgoing Senator in each Department/Area.

Section 2.Terms of Senators: Senators will serve a term of two years with the terms staggered. Half the Senate will be elected each spring. In the event that a Senator is unable to complete a full term, the Department/Area will elect a replacement.

Section 3. Duties of Senators: The duties of Senators will include the following:

  • To regularly attend Senate meetings.
  • To represent the interests and concerns of the Department/Area to the Senate.
  • To make recommendations for committee appointments from the Department/Area.
  • To appoint an alternate as representative, when unable to attend Senate meetings.
  • To participate in discussions brought before the Senate and to vote as a representative of the Department/Area.
  • To communicate regularly with the members of the Department/Area with regard to issues before the Senate.
  • To serve as an ex-officio member of a committee when appointed.

Section 4. Designation of Departments/Areas:

The Executive Committee shall review the college organizational structure each spring to determine fair faculty representation and submit the representational “units” to the Senate and/or the Faculty Association at the earliest time possible.

Senators shall be elected from the Department/Areas as designated by the Executive Committee and as determined by the following formula:

One (1) Senator will be elected for every six to twelve (6-12) association members. Departments/Areas with thirteen (13) or more members will be allowed an additional Senator. Departments/Areas with less than six (6) members may be grouped with other small Departments/Areas, preferably within the same division, for representation.

Article VIII-Officers:

Section 1. Election:The President-Elect of the Faculty Association will be elected by a vote of all members to be held prior to the end of the spring semester. The Executive Committee will be responsible for conducting the election in a fair and timely fashion. The Secretary will be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The Secretary may be selected from any member of the Faculty Association and may or may not be a Senate member.

Section 2. Terms of Office: The terms of office will begin at the end of the spring semester and last for one year.

Article IX-Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities of Officers:

The powers, duties, and responsibilities of the officers are described in the FAC. The Faculty Association President (FAP) will make arrangements to meet with the College President on a regular basis throughout the school year and shall attend the Instructional Council meetings. In the event the FAP cannot attend, he/she will send the Faculty Senate President-Elect or a designee.

Article X-Committees:

Section 1. Executive Committee. The duties of the Executive Committee are outlined in the FAC.

Section 2. Standing Committees. The following standing committees will serve the Faculty Association as needed:

  • Governance – Policies and Procedures, Rules, Constitutional Amendments
  • Institutional Finance – Budgetary matters, Investments, Grants, and Institutional Development.
  • Faculty Concerns
  • Student Concerns – American Disabilities Act
  • Academic Standards and Admissions
  • Curriculum Development – New Programs, New Courses, Scheduling
  • Instructional Support Services – Facilities, Grounds, Equipment, Library and Media Services
  • Special Events – University Interscholastic League Competition, Enrichment Programs
  • Accreditation, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Professional Development, Continuing Education

Article XI. Faculty Senate Meetings:

The faculty senate should hold a minimum of two meetings each long semester. These meetings shall be held in accordance with the FAC.

Article XII-Amending the Constitution:

Section 1. Petitions to Amend. An amendment to this Constitution will be proposed by written petition of at least 25 Faculty Association Members, which must be submitted to the President. The proposed amendment will be printed and distributed to the Faculty Association membership.

Section 2. Passage of Amendments. For purposes of discussion, debate, or revision, the proposed constitutional amendment will be considered at a called meeting of the Faculty Association to be held at least two weeks following initial printing and distribution to the Faculty Association membership. Passage will be by a 2/3 vote of the Faculty Association members present and voting.


The Faculty Senate shall have the authority to make its own bylaws for the conduct of its business. Bylaws will be voted on by Senators at regular Senate meetings, and a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present will be required for passage of revisions.

Adopted April 29, 1993

Amended April 1, 1999

Amended November 30, 2007

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