Board of Trustees

The Kilgore College Board of Trustees is the governing body of the college. The board has specific powers and duties imposed by the state statutes including policy direction for the college and establishing goals consistent with KC's role and mission.

Next Meeting:

The next board meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 9, 2015, on the second floor of the McLaurin Administration Building.  The agenda for the meeting will be posted here as soon as possible.


Board members receive mail at:

Kilgore College
c/o Nancy Law
1100 Broadway
Kilgore,Texas 75662

Kilgore College will host three regular elections and one special election, all on May 9, for expiring board terms. Applications to run for the special election (formerly held by Charlie Hale—... Read Article

The Kilgore College Board of Trustees approved J. Karol Pruett Oct. 14 to fill the place 6 seat which was vacated when Charlie Hale resigned from the board due to health reasons in August. She... Read Article

Board of Trustees

Past Meeting Dates and Agendas

The Kilgore College Board of Trustees typically meets once each month at 6:30 p.m. on the second floor of the Stewart H. McLaurin Administration Building, Highway 259, on the Kilgore College campus in Kilgore, Texas.

The meetings for 2014 are all tentative.

Check with Nancy Law prior to meeting date to make sure the meeting is still scheduled - (903) 983-8101.

Meetings 2014:

(Click each meeting to view agenda)

Meetings prior to 2014:


The Board, from time to time, uses Committee Structure to facilitate its workings. The Board generally attempts to provide one representative from each of the three zones in the taxing district. The President of the Board is welcome to attend any committee meeting of the Board. Although committees may be formed for specific purposes, the common operating committees of the College Board may include:

  1. Executive Committee – composed of the officers of the Board of Trustees. Meets regularly with the College President and other staff as needed to review Board agenda items and to facilitate planning, coordination, and communication with the entire Board.
  2. Property Committee - reviews available real estate needs and recommends decisions related to property to the entire Board
  3. Personnel Committee – reviews administrative personnel recommendations and recommends them to the entire Board Budget Committee - works with the administration in preparation of the annual college budget
  4. Audit Committee - works with the external auditors to review the structure and findings of the external audit
  5. Nominating Committee - nominates Board members to be presented as officers for the entire Board
  6. Presidential Screening Committee - selects presidential applicants and presents finalists to the entire Board
  7. Investment Committee - will advise the College's Board of Trustees with regard to: (1) any amendments or revisions of the College's investment policy (2) an investment strategy for the transition of investments to current policies
  8. Other committees may be formed as needed.
Board Members

Board Officers:

James N. Walker, President of the Board, Gladewater
Voting Unit #2, Place 2, North Zone
Term Expires: May, 2015

William E. Roberson, Secretary of the Board, West Rusk
Voting Unit #1, Place 1, South Zone
Term Expires: May, 2015

Board Members:

Scott Andrews, West Rusk
Voting Unit #1, Place 4, South Zone
Term Expires: May, 2017

Joe Carrington, White Oak
Voting Unit #2 , Place 8, North Zone
Term Expires: May 2019

C.B. "Scooter" Griffin, Jr., Kilgore
Voting Unit #3, Place 3, Central Zone
Term Expires: May, 2015

Robert D. Heath, Overton
Voting Unit #1, Place 7, South Zone
Term Expires: May, 2019

Brian Nutt, Kilgore
Voting Unit #3, Place 9, Central Zone
Term Expires: May, 2019

J. Karol Pruett, Kilgore
Voting Unit #3, Place 6, Central Zone

Larry A. Woodfin, Gladewater
Voting Unit #2, Place 5, North Zone
Term Expires: May, 2017